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When I was ten, I learned about climate change. It was a shock. I buried my face in my pillow for (according to my mom) two weeks, and was inconsolable. But I came out of it by starting to focus hard not on what was, but what could, potentially, be.

That's why I make comics about stem cell research, antibiotics resistance, robots and electric mobility. Even when my stories have been set in the past, they're showing a past that wasn't, but could have been if our thoughts and ideas had been different at that point in history. Because history is us.

Technology and humanity, the organic and the emotional, these are the threads running through my graphic novels & my fact comics, some of which are available here. I've also got a podcast about life's interstellar future.


An all-ages fact comic that takes you from the basics of what a cell is and what DNA does ... and on to more fancy stuff, like how scientists can now reverse matured cells into "immature" stem cells, and how scientists are 3d printing parts of bones to help people heal.